New systems don’t have to be scary, don’t sacrifice your future success because of an outdated system.

We understand that your business can’t slow down because of a lengthy and arduous implementation and training process, and our team is able to take on the bulk of the implementation work and get it done¬†in 90 days. Once in place, changes to the system are easy to make so that you can keep up with the ever-changing business and regulatory challenges that come your way and stay competitive.

  • Our Implementation

    • 90 day implementation
    • Our IT team does the heavy lifting, taking on the connections and customization
    • We map out your existing systems, partners and business processes
    • No ripping and replacing, we integrate into your existing systems
    • Implementation occurs outside of your business environment
    • Data feeds are HIPAA compliant and secure

“…never had an IT initiative run so smoothly or delivered on time. You managed to accomplish both…”

Caroline Stewart, Claims Regional Director, The General

Read more of her story here

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    • We can make tweaks to business rules as your needs grow and change
    • No interruption to your day-to-day operation
    • Our systems stay current on regulatory changes
    • Add new jurisdictional rules and requirements easily
    • Quarterly stewardship meetings offer opportunity for evaluation