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Acrometis’ claims processing solutions are unrivaled in their flexibility and effectiveness. Whether you select our most feature-rich claims processing platform or our most narrowly-focused solution, you can expect on-time deployment with the utmost accuracy and precision.

Some of our offerings…



Industry-Leading Claims Processing Platform



Automated Packet Assembly and Duplicate Detection



Monitor Your Data with Customized Dashboard Reports


ODG Integration

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Superior Claims Monitoring

Here’s what we do that the other guys don’t…

  • Scan documents on a line-by-line level to ensure appropriateness and compensability
  • Index documents at every step in the claims process for audit purposes
  • Apply rule sets to all document types
  • Consistently offer 65% Auto-Adjudication of incoming documents
  • Schedule and Execute Tasks
  • Automatically route documents to correct workflow
  • Flag priorities and/or anomalies for adjuster review
  • Automatically adjudicate workers’ comp bills to fee schedules and PPO networks
  • Create return to provider letters/forms using pre-populated demographics
  • Offer custom workflow design based on your business needs
  • Operate as a SaaS based system (no license or seat fees)
  • Track, monitor and comply with state mandated time frames, for all document types
  • Continuously update to reflect jurisdictional regulatory changes
  • Easily enable connections between disparate systems

and more…

Auto-adjudicate up to 65% of incoming documents

What you can expect to gain (or get rid of) with our solutions…

  • Reduction in Loss and LAE by 11 to 23 points
  • Significantly Reduced Claims Costs
  • Increased Adjuster Effectiveness
  • Maximized Network Penetration
  • Reduction in Compliance Penalties
  • Shorter Claim Durations
  • Greater Vendor Transparency

Reduce Loss and LAE by at least 11 points

Features we offer with all of our solutions

  • We meet requested requirements and enhance over time based on additional business needs and requests
  • We offer comprehensive training for your staff