Relatedness & Rarity Ruleset

Utilize a specific portion of our ruleset to identify bills that may not be appropriate for payment in your workers’ compensation operations. Bills are flagged based on the relatedness and rarity of the diagnosis codes on the bill as they relate to workers’ comp. Download Now

Right The Ship – Get The Results You Want

A new study out from Rising shows that the highest performing claims professionals are focused on… Utilizing and measuring outcomes Equipping their team with the right tools and training Our whitepaper reveals how we can help you achieve that high performer status Hint- it’s easier than you might think… Download Now

PACKETExpert Overview

Packet generation is a tedious and error-prone process. PACKETExpert solves the problems of packet creation, automatically generating packets and detecting duplicates within. This overview will give you a high-level explanation of this pivotal tool. Read the whitepaper and visit our PACKETExpert page for more information. Download Now

ODG Overview

Want to learn about the CLAIMExpert and ODG integration? This overview will give you a high-level explanation of the innovative integration, and explain the benefits of applying the guidelines to claims in real time. Read the whitepaper and then visit our ODG page for more information. Download Now

CLAIMExpert Overview

Want to learn a little bit more about our expert claims processing platform, CLAIMExpert? This one page overview gives you the highlights of the tool which will automate your workflow and take routine tasks off your adjuster’s desks, leaving them more time to tackle their complex claims. Download Now

Be The Hero of Your Organization with Acrometis

Have you seen our ad in Risk & Insurance? Don’t you want to be the superhero of your organization? Get in touch with the Acrometis team and we’ll show you how Acrometis and CLAIMExpert will turn you into a hero. Download Now

Finally, Automated Evidence-Based Medicine For Every Claim In Your Book

The industry has been asking for it for years and it is finally here- a resource that uses evidence-based medicine to manage claims. Now that ODG’s Guidelines are integrated right into CLAIMExpert, read our latest whitepaper collaboration with Risk & Insurance to learn how to harness that power and close your claims faster and more efficiently. Adjusters will be alerted…

Automation- Here’s Why You Should Care

Imagine a system that automatically eliminates 65% of incoming documents. Rather than swamping your adjusters with piles of paper, give them a tool that will alert them about the real decisions they need to make, rather than continuing to use one that wastes their time and your money. Download Now

Sketchnote – True Partners, Acrometis Webinar

Are you and your vendors “True Partners”? We all agree that one of the keys to achieving successful claims outcomes and achieving a significant return on investment is having access to meaningful and actionable data when we need it. Unfortunately that is not always the case. In this webinar, featuring Acrometis founder, Jerry Poole, and…

Auto/PIP Claims Processing Fact Sheet

Acrometis also has strong capabilities within the Auto/PIP Claims Processing space. This fact sheet covers everything you need to know about CLAIMExpert, our implementation process, and how we can benefit your business from day one. What are you waiting for? Streamline your claims operations today. Download Now

Reduce Your Cost of Risk- EDI and eBilling

We know that eBilling and EDI are no longer looming problems to “deal with in the future”, they are already here and here to stay. Six jurisdictions already require compliance and even more are looking to implement standards. Are your systems compliant? Are you willing to risk fines to find out? Acrometis helps reduce your cost…

Reduce Your Cost of Risk- Surgical Implants

Do you know how much you are paying for surgical implants? Do you know that you could be paying up to 500 percent mark ups on these devices without even realizing it? Your adjusters are already swamped and it is difficult to properly review or challenge these bills when they have so many other things…

Sketchnote- It’s The People, Not Just The Platform That Matters

Maybe you have already read the article featured in WorkCompWire’s Leaders Speak series. We now have this handy sketchnote version of the article “It’s The People, Not Just The Platform That Matters” for you to read through and share. The sketchnote highlights the key takeaways of the article, in which we discuss the need for…

Making Changes To Your Workers’ Compensation System is a Snap

Think of us as that big green board that you can easily snap new pieces onto. Your organization can easily plug systems into CLAIMExpert, rather than taking up precious IT resources trying to connect them to each other. Our system integrates with your and allows for a streamlined workflow that will save you time, money…

It’s The People, Not Just The Platform That Matters

In this whitepaper “It’s The People, Not Just The Platform That Matters”, we discuss the benefits of technology but also its limitations. Without great people to operate it, technology cannot realize its full potential. Organizations who use technology to support their claims professionals instead of replacing them will see the best results. Download Now

Sketchnote- Improving Claims Outcomes

If you are interested in our webinar, “Improving Claims Outcomes Through More Effective Adjuster Management” but don’t have the time to watch the full presentation right now, check out our short and sweet sketchnote version. Do you know how to place your adjusters in a position to win? The tips and practices outlined in our webinar will…

Benefits of CLAIMExpert

This fact sheet describes the functions and benefits of CLAIMExpert, Acrometis’ expert claims processing platform. Operating at an enterprise-wide level, CLAIMExpert is the hub that will connect all of your disparate claims systems and deliver a streamlined claims handling process. Download Now

Top Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Claims System

The full version of our sketchnote, this whitepaper outlines the top reasons you need to improve your claims system integration. To reduce risks and manage cost, action must be taken to improve efficiency and optimize your claims system. Learn why and how to put a program in place that can unite and integrate into your multiple…