Fix Inefficiencies in the Claims Process

Streamline the Routine Documents

Claims handlers and systems are bogged down with the sheer volume of incoming documents. Our systems automate many of the error-prone and labor-intensive tasks, freeing your adjusters to spend time on more important and skilled work. 

  • Evaluate bills for relatedness

  • Routes to the correct bill review process

  • Eliminates Non-Compensable Medical Costs/Duplicates

75 auto-adj

Acrometis systems auto-adjudicate up to 75% of incoming documents

Keep Garbage Out of Your System

We typically reject up to 24% of bills from the beginning, and 81% of those never get returned. Hearing that, can you say for sure that you aren’t paying for unrelated bills?

Our system auto-adjudicates up to 75% of incoming documents, and our systems recognize over 130 file types.

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Reduce Medical Loss

Drop Medical Loss

Workers’ compensation claims go through multiple steps in multiple systems, and at each point of intersection is a chance for over-payment or leakage. To examine and verify claims every step of the way is time-consuming and error-prone. Our integrated claims system significantly reduces medical loss.

11-pts-transp 150

Our clients typically improve medical loss by 11 points, and can see as much as 23 points improvement

Eliminate Claims Leakage and Overpayment

Our automated and integrated systems verify every document before routing it to the correct review process, eliminating costs associated with unauthorized services.

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Gain Control Over Your Provider Networks

Gain Insight Into Your Network’s Effectiveness

Our system’s comprehensive data capture ensures accurate and consistent reports, allowing you to gain control over your provider networks by giving you transparency into their performance and effectiveness. If you want to make a change in your network, it’s as easy as flipping a switch. Easily establish a strong, diverse network with better insight into contractual commitments.

Make changes to provider networks easily

We Implement and Maintain New Partners So You Don’t Have To

We implement, support and maintain the solutions you choose to partner with so your IT team isn’t burdened. Acrometis establishes a bi-directional flow of data between you and your networks, making expansion into new jurisdictions a breeze. Easily add claims, billing, utilization management or providers into your network.

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Increase the Power of Your Adjusters

Reduce Human Error, While Keeping Sound Judgement Intact

In any system human input can be a great asset but a great risk. We understand a seasoned adjuster’s intuition is important in keeping the claim on track. That’s why our systems automate many of the easy, yet error-prone tasks that take up too much of the adjuster’s time. The time they get back they can use to make the difficult decisions only an experienced adjuster can.

Efficiencies gained through our systems give adjusters 40% more time in their day

Just How Busy Are Adjusters?

Acrometis surveyed workers’ compensation adjusters and found that their workload averages….

  • 130 open cases

  • 20 bills from 6 different providers, and 20 additional documents per claim

  • 7,800 CPT codes and 68,000 ICD-10 codes to stay on top of

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