Reducing Your Cost of Risk

Expert Claims Processing Systems To Help You Save

Acrometis is a leader in automated workers’ compensation insurance claims processing solutions. We were founded with the simple yet powerful mission of reducing the cost of risk for our clients. Our expert, rules-based family of claims processing systems create meaningful changes in your workflow that lead to maximized cost savings, efficiency gains and productivity growth over the lifecycle of a claim – with little to no disruption to your daily workflow. The front end of our process is our differentiator. We eliminate bills from your system before they even get to bill review, resulting in immediate savings.

What you can achieve with our expert solutions:

Reduce Medical Spend by 21 Points

Maximize Adjuster Effectiveness

Close Claims 50% Faster

Do you have problems with…

Medical loss and leakage?

Inefficiencies in your claims process?

Lack of transparency into vendor performance?

Overworked adjusters?

Product Spotlights

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Automated Claims Processing Platform

Spotlight On…


Packet Generation and Duplicate Detection

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Integrated RTW and Treatment Guidelines

What Do Our Clients Say?

“After only 90 days of implementation, we are seeing a two-thirds reduction in the number of documents our adjusters are touching.”

Nick Parillo, President, MAC Risk Management, Inc.

“I have never had an IT initiative run so smoothly or delivered on time. You managed to accomplish both, which is truly impressive.”

-Caroline Stewart, Claims Regional Director, The General

Reducing Your Cost of Risk