Reducing the Cost of Risk for our Clients

Acrometis solutions are unparalleled in the claims processing marketplace. From our most robust of claims processing platforms to our specific ruleset implementations, every product we offer is deployed on-time with the utmost accuracy and precision.

We have the tools you need to stay relevant and adaptive in today’s marketplace.

Some of our offerings…



Industry-Leading Claims Processing Platform



Automated Packet Assembly and Duplicate Detection



Monitor Your Data with Customized Dashboard Reports


ODG Integration

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Superior Claims Monitoring

Here’s what we do that the other guys don’t…

  • Scan documents on a line-by-line level to ensure appropriateness and compensability
  • Index documents at every step in the claims process for audit purposes
  • Apply rule sets to all document types
  • Consistently offer 75% Auto-Adjudication of incoming documents
  • Schedule and Execute Tasks
  • Automatically route documents to correct workflow
  • Flag priorities and/or anomalies for adjuster review
  • Automatically adjudicate workers’ comp bills to fee schedules and PPO networks
  • Create return to provider letters/forms using pre-populated demographics
  • Offer custom workflow design based on your business needs
  • Operate as a SaaS based system (no license or seat fees)
  • Track, monitor and comply with state mandated time frames, for all document types
  • Continuously update to reflect jurisdictional regulatory changes
  • Easily enable connections between disparate systems

and more…

Auto-adjudicate up to 75% of incoming documents

What you can expect to gain (or get rid of) with our solutions…

  • Reduction in Loss and LAE by 11 to 23 points
  • Significantly Reduced Claims Costs
  • Increased Adjuster Effectiveness
  • Maximized Network Penetration
  • Reduction in Compliance Penalties
  • Shorter Claim Durations
  • Greater Vendor Transparency

Reduce Loss and LAE by at least 11 points

Features we offer with all of our solutions

  • We meet requested requirements and enhance over time based on additional business needs and requests
  • We offer comprehensive training for your staff