Reduce Your Cost of Risk

We’ve explained just exactly how we can reduce your cost of risk, but we hope these videos will cement your understanding of all the benefits Acrometis can offer you. Our “Reduce Your Cost of…” series explores different ways that CLAIMExpert can reduce your cost of risk by lowering your costs and maximizing efficiencies, all while getting the injured worker back on the job sooner.

You have the questions, we have the answers. Take the next step to solving your claim processing problems.

Reduce Your Cost of Finding Answers

  • Automated Document Handling
  • Adjusters See Details of Their Entire Claim in One Place
  • Find the Answers Quickly and Easily

Reduce Your Cost of Paying for Things You Shouldn’t

  • CLAIMExpert Reduces Medical Spend by At Least 10%
  • Checks Incoming Documents Line-By-Line
  • Every Bill is Cross-Checked for Relatedness and Fraud

Reduce Your Cost of Risk

  • CLAIMExpert is the Total Solution for Increased Savings
  • Clients with Over 3,000 Open Lost Time Claims Realize Savings of Up to $1 Million a Month
  • You’ll See Savings in 1st Quarter of Implementation

Reduce Your Cost of Out of Control Claims

  • Evidence Based Medical and Diagnostic Guidelines Integrated into CLAIMExpert
  • Claims are Measured Against Benchmarks in the Background, Adjusters Only Alerted if There’s a Problem
  • Complicated Claims are Simplified and Corrected

Reduce Your Cost of Connectivity

  • Integrate Disparate Systems In a Snap with CLAIMExpert
  • Add New Jurisdictions and New Network Partners Without Ripping or Replacing Systems
  • SaaS Based So Systems are Always Updated and Jurisdictionally Compliant