PACKETExpert Overview

Packet generation is a tedious and error-prone process. PACKETExpert solves the problems of packet creation, automatically generating packets and detecting duplicates within. This overview will give you a high-level explanation of this pivotal tool. Read the whitepaper and visit our PACKETExpert page for more information. Download Now

ODG Overview

Want to learn about the CLAIMExpert and ODG integration? This overview will give you a high-level explanation of the innovative integration, and explain the benefits of applying the guidelines to claims in real time. Read the whitepaper and then visit our ODG page for more information. Download Now

CLAIMExpert Overview

Want to learn a little bit more about our expert claims processing platform, CLAIMExpert? This one page overview gives you the highlights of the tool which will automate your workflow and take routine tasks off your adjuster’s desks, leaving them more time to tackle their complex claims. Download Now

Sketchnote- Improving Claims Outcomes

If you are interested in our webinar, “Improving Claims Outcomes Through More Effective Adjuster Management” but don’t have the time to watch the full presentation right now, check out our short and sweet sketchnote version. Do you know how to place your adjusters in a position to win? The tips and practices outlined in our webinar will…

Benefits of CLAIMExpert

This fact sheet describes the functions and benefits of CLAIMExpert, Acrometis’ expert claims processing platform. Operating at an enterprise-wide level, CLAIMExpert is the hub that will connect all of your disparate claims systems and deliver a streamlined claims handling process. Download Now

Are You Using the Right Bridge-Keeper for Your Claims System- Strength in Numbers Series

Another part of our Strength In Numbers series, this whitepaper introduces the idea of a Bridge-Keeper who will let things pass further along into your system (or not)-depending on whether they meet the right criteria. Our research found that of the bills submitted through the “Bridge-Keeper” of CLAIMExpert, 24% were automatically returned to providers and 81% of those…