Take the Work and Worry Out of Packet Generation

PACKETExpert is the industry’s premier tool for automatic packet creation and accurate duplicate detection of documents within, eliminating both the tedious human assembly process and additional costs of delivering duplicates for provider review. Our system intakes documents and assembles packets which are scanned for potential duplicates, those which fall outside of client specified parameters are eliminated. Before final delivery packets undergo manual validation and review.

Available as a premium offering from Acrometis, it can be incorporated into the CLAIMExpert family of product solutions or deployed as a standalone solution. Comprehensive dashboard reporting services and customized report generation services are also available.

  • Reduce Errors and Saves Time

    Our automatic system automates the tedious and error-prone process of human packet assembly, generating packets in seconds

  • Client-Specific Include/Exclude Rules

    Automatically applies include/exclude rules to assemble packets, which are then sorted in a pre-determined order based on client specifications

  • Accurate Duplicate Detection

    Our proprietary algorithms scan for duplicates, automatically eliminating those which fall within client specified thresholds

  • Validation of all Documents

    We provide manual QA review services to review incoming documents and validate suspected duplicates before final delivery

  • Ledger Narrative

    Ledger process with key word search, links to specific documents where that word or phrase is mentioned

  • Gain Insight Into Your Claims

    Comprehensive dashboards and customized report generation available

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Problems PACKETExpert helps solve:

  • Incurring unnecessary charges for duplicates

  • Spending time and resources compiling and approving packets

  • Difficult integrations

Additional features:

  • Acrometis provides keying, tagging and QA of documents before they enter packet creation process

  • Easy exchange of information, our solution interface is easily configurable within your systems and can ship completed packets to any entity

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