Integrated claim document management designed for the successful workers’ compensation adjuster.

ClaimQuik color 360Integrated with all of Acrometis’ claim processing solutions is ClaimQuik, the document management system custom built for the unique needs of handling workers’ compensation claims. Quickly find claim documents, view all documents related to a claim, and easily package sets of claim documents for delivery to third parties. ClaimQuik increases the capabilities of the adjusters and streamlines your document management needs.

Answer the question while on the call

Successful document management involves not just scanning a document into the system, but how quickly can it be retrieved. Because Acrometis’ claims processing platforms dissect and capture incoming documents at a line item level and automatically connects the documents to a claim, searching for documents in ClaimQuik is quick and easy. Search by partial information, provider, document type or other claim information. ClaimQuik dramatically reduces adjuster time spent finding documents in response to inquiries, freeing up adjusters to focus on getting injured workers back to work.

 Bundle and deliver claim documents in a few clicks

Preparing claim files for review by third parties can be frustratingly time consuming for adjusters. ClaimQuik enables quick assembling of all or partial documents related to a claim. Easily pull together all of a claim’s paperwork, or just doctor’s notes, CMS forms, etc into a single PDF and email from your desktop. Easily establish ongoing forwarding of documents to third parties, such as attorneys, when new documents are received. Print, pack and ship is replaced by click and email.

 Easily view the state of every document

ClaimQuik not only shows you the document, but what processing has been done to the document and by whom. Every action related to the document is time stamped, showing each step the document took through claim processing. Quickly provide updates on the status of a bill that is being reviewed or assemble a complete claim packet in response to an audit. Easily view a single document’s detail or all documents associated with a claim.

ClaimQuik is included and free to use with any of our claims processing solutions

Unlike other document management systems, ClaimQuik has no charges for software/seat licenses, storage fees or bandwidth charges. Delivered as part of our SaaS-based claims processing solutions, there is no hardware or software to install with ClaimQuik. Once a document is processed by our platforms, the document is available through ClaimQuik at no additional charge.

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