claimexpert-whiteCLAIMExpert empowers your adjusters and improves your bottom line.

Key Features

Over 10,000 Business Rules

Our library of over 10,000 business rules brings decades of workers’ comp processing best practices to your business. Our rules experts listen to your needs and tailor to rule set to match your business. No programming on your part.

Much More Than Bills

With business rules for over 130 different types of documents, CLAIMExpert can handle everything on your adjuster’s desk.

Bottom Line Results

CLAIMExpert delivers efficiencies that translate to your bottom line. Clients typically see over 11 points of medical loss improvement in the first year.

Rapid Time to Launch

Cloud-based approach and our workers’ comp experienced implementation team means implementation in as few as 90 days.

Detailed Analytics

Manage adjuster workflow, simplify statutory and compliance reporting and identify areas for improvement. Every step in a document’s lifecycle is documented, including external, automated or adjuster actions.

No Upfront Costs

SaaS delivery model means no capital outlay and minimal IT involvement to begin processing claims.

Up to 75% Auto-Adjudication

Remove erroneous, duplicate and easy to process items from your adjusters’ desk.

Free Reserves Faster

CLAIMExpert gives adjusters time to focus on closing claims and freeing up reserves. Adjusters using CLAIMExpert closed medical claims over 50% faster than before.

Free Up Your Adjusters 40%

CLAIMExpert deals with the incorrect, incomplete and simple stuff, allowing the adjuster to focus on getting injured workers back to work.

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Technical Architecture


Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions exist outside the walls of your organization, residing on external servers. Acrometis’ CLAIMExpert is no different. Delivered in a private cloud, CLAIMExpert connects with your digital mailroom and claims administration systems through HIPAA compliant data feeds.

CLAIMExpert acts as an electronic hub in your claims process, processing incoming documents and making the appropriate updates to your claims administration system and external partners. All connections are maintained by Acrometis, greatly reducing your dependence on scarce internal IT resources to make updates.

Adjusters access CLAIMExpert from any browser-based device, allowing adjusters to work in remote jurisdictions, closer to clients and markets.

claimexpert_smAcrometis’ CLAIMExpert®  is a comprehensive claim processing and claims management system with a customizable, expert-based rule-driven engine that automatically routes electronic claim files and related notes, schedules and executes tasks, flags priorities and anomalies, communicates with vendors, and pays medical bills. Features include adjudication of workers’ compensation medical bills to state fee schedules and PPO networks, robust bill review rule sets, seamless integration with payment processing, and custom-tailored workflow design. It dramatically increases productivity, speed, accuracy, and data access.

CLAIMExpert is further complemented by deep analytics capabilities that allow for meaningful changes to the claims processing environment that in turn lead to maximized cost savings, efficiency, and productivity gains over the lifecycle of a claim.

Our Expert Claims Processing Platform is designed to help organizations transform data, workflows, business processes, and informational assets into an insightful tool that drives performance forward.

90 daysThe extensive expert ruleset and experience of the implementation team allows for you to begin using CLAIMExpert in as few as 90 days. The Acrometis implementation team takes responsibility for connecting CLAIMExpert to your business and tailoring it to fit your business. Our team of workers’ comp business experts will map your current systems, partner connections and business processes. Then integrating that information with our 10,000+ expert rules, the Acrometis team will configure CLAIMExpert to your specific needs.

Being SaaS based, this implementation effort occurs outside of your business environment, reducing the impact on your internal IT resources.

managedcare 400

Purpose designed and built, Acrometis’ Managed Care Gateway is delivered as a core component of all of our offerings, enabling payers to easily manage, evaluate and optimize their managed care vendors without lengthy, costly, difficult implementations or discontinuation. The capabilities of our Managed Care Gateway include measurement, analysis, key metric performance and the ability to determine the effectiveness of any managed care vendor within your claim operations, connecting providers and specialty managed care partners to maximize negotiated relationships and minimize costly managed care leakage.

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ClaimQuik color 360Integrated with all of Acrometis’ claim processing solutions is ClaimQuik, the document management system custom built for the unique needs of handling workers’ compensation claims. Quickly find claim documents, view all documents related to a claim, and easily package sets of claim documents for delivery to third parties. ClaimQuik increases the capabilities of the adjusters and streamlines your document management needs.

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It might be easier to talk about what you don’t have to pay for:

  • No capital expenditures

  • No upfront costs

  • No external consulting fees

  • No per user fees

  • No hardware costs

  • No annual licensing fees

  • No annual usage minimums

  • No document storage fees

CLAIMExpert is a SaaS-based solution. You only pay per processed document when it enters CLAIMExpert. It’s that simple. No fees before it launches and no fees to use CLAIMExpert.

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Learn more about CLAIMExpert and how it is helping clients save money and improve the productivity of adjusters.

Interested in learning more about CLAIMExpert? Request a Demo